Thing 12: Challenging, discriminatory or oppressive practice.

In Thing 12 you will watch a video and reflect on some of its key messages. This video is also a resource used in Thing 13.

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Open Badge: SSSC 23 Things Leadership – Thing 12: Challenging oppressive practice

Counts towards: SSSC 23 Things Leadership – Self-Leadership


You may find it helpful to complete Things 1-4 before starting Thing 12.

Scotland’s social services need effective leadership at all levels of the workforce and everyone has a leadership role to play. Self-leadership is about recognising your own leadership skills and abilities, and taking responsibility for using and developing these.

Self-leadership also includes responding to and challenging discriminatory or oppressive practice.


Watch this video called ‘What you permit you promote’, involving Leslie Evans, Scotland’s Permanent Secretary. In the video Leslie Evans talks about how important it is to create a work culture which values diversity or ‘difference’.

Think about one example of how you have worked effectively with someone receiving support from your service who is different to you (examples might include their background, lifestyle, education, way of thinking or beliefs).

  1. How did you respect, value and work with the ‘differences’ between you?
  2. How did you show this in your practice with this person?

In the video Leslie also talks about how powerful our words and behaviours can be. Think about one example of when you have questioned a situation at work when you thought someone was being treated differently or unfairly.

  1. What did you do (specifically with your knowledge or skills)?
  2. How did this make a difference to the person/people experiencing support from your service?

In at least 200 words reflect on these two examples and consider the questions above.

You can provide the statement on the open badge application form or provide a link to your own *blog/portfolio. You may find it helpful to look at Recording Your Learning and Reflecting on Leadership.

*If you want to use a blog or ePortfolio entry as evidence, you might find our guide to preparing and publishing your evidence useful.

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